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RIIHAN304E Conduct slewing crane operations – TRAINER’S VALUE PACK



Trainer’s Value Packs give you fully mapped training materials to get the unit on your RTO’s scope.

These materials can be used by RTO’s to deliver formal qualifications, or by a company to meet their duty of care responsibilities under the WHS Act. Companies can use these materials to train staff, do refresher training or for verification of competency (VOC).

DELIVERED VIA DROPBOX – Editable and printable


  • Safety and Licence Guide
  • Logbook for on-the-job training
  • PowerPoint Prensentation
  • Learner Workbook
  • Trainer’s Marking Guide
  • Editable course documentation
  • Editable workplace forms and documents
  • Editable review questions and answers
  • Editable practical training tasks
  • Editable mapping of unit
  • Editable assessment instrument
  • SAMPLE-Assessment Plan
  • SAMPLE-Delivery and Assessment Strategy
  • Training materials audit guarantee

[Note: Materials may be reproduced by the purchaser.]


  1. Prepare for non-slewing crane operations
  2. Operate non-slewing crane in line with established requirements to complete work activity
  3. Travel crane
  4. Perform multiple crane lifts
  5. Conduct housekeeping activities


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