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RII Training Material and Learning Resources

‘RII’ stands for ‘Resources and Infrastructure Industry’. It is the code used by Skills DMC and the Australian Government for units of competency related to skills for construction, mining and related areas. There are over 780 different units that trainees can undertake, many of which are required for licensing purposes. For RTOs and companies that train workers for skilled and semi-skilled roles, we’ve developed a range of RII certification training materials.

These RII training course materials can be used by RTOs to deliver formal qualifications OR by a company to meet their duty of care responsibilities under the WHS Act. Companies can use these materials to train staff, do refresher courses, or for verification of competency (VOC). Save money and hours of trainers’ time with our ready-to go RII truck training material.

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As an overall RII training set of materials, each pack is designed to prepare learners to take their assessments and obtain the unit of competency necessary for being qualified. Our RII training resources correspond directly to the elements of nationally recognised qualifications. See the unit code at the top of each page for details. They’re also ideal as refreshers for those who have been in the industry for a while and may need an update on safety standards, operating procedures, record keeping and more.

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We recognise that people learn in different ways – visual, reading, practical etc. – which is why our RII instructor training material comes in different forms. Picture-based Learner Guides are complemented by multimedia presentations, logbooks, practice question sheets and more. Explore the categories below to see what’s available for the course you’re conducting.

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