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Safely handle bituminous materials PowerPoint RIICBS203E



This PowerPoint presentation is a great learning tool for group learning. Trainers can use the questions and answers in the PowerPoint to test their students.


  • Covers all elements in the unit of competency RIICBS203E Safely handle bituminous materials
  • Gives your learners confidence they have done the learning needed to sit the test
  • Simple words and pictures make learning easy
  • Written in plain English


  1. Prepare to conduct asphalt paver operations
  2. Set up asphalt paver
  3. Operate asphalt paver
  4. Carry out operator maintenance
  5. Relocate paver
  6. Clean up

It is written in plain simple English which makes it quick and easy for everyone to learn. It has questions and answers to get you ready for the types of questions you might be asked when you go for your ticket.

Pictures on every page make learning simple. This book is used by trainers all over Australia to help people get their ticket.


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