Working into the New Year

The new year has come and it will be an exciting year for us here at Easy Guides Australia.

2014 had been a big year for us with several new products released and improving the user experience and the look and feel of previous products.

Now we are in 2015 and the Easy Guides team are back, hard at work producing new quality training materials. Over the last year, the production team have streamlined and optimised workflow to get products out quicker for you.

Improvements we have made are:

  • Readability of our books
  • New layout and design
  • New lightweight multimedia system
  • New user friendly website
  • New user friendly Trainer’s Resource CDs
ega-websiteThe NEW Easy Guides website creating a better user experience for everyone!

We are proud to have a great team with industry expert writers, digital artists and graphic designers. Our artists are using the latest software and technologies and this makes the difference between us and our competitors.

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” holds really true with us. Our designers, artists and writers work collaboratively together to bring you the easy to understand images that is the key to
Easy Guides success.

A sneak peek into our latest product development


3D art created by Nathan Leigh


2D Illustration by an artist