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Civil Construction PowerPoint presentation



The PowerPoint matches the Learner Guide and is a great tool for group learning. These learning materials amalgamate six similar units of competency which saves time and repetition in training. The training materials can also be used to gain one to six units of competency.


Covers all elements in the units of competency:

RIIMPO318F Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations
RIIMPO321F Conduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations
RIIMPO322E Conduct civil construction tracked front end loader operations
RIIMPO320F Conduct civil construction excavator operations
RIIHAN311F Conduct operations with integrated tool carrier
RIIMPO319E Conduct backhoe/loader operations



The guide is written in plain simple English which makes it quick and easy for everyone to learn. It has questions and answers to get you ready for the types of questions you might be asked when you go for your tickets.

Pictures and easy English on every page make learning simple.


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