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FREE – Digital literacy test Level 2



Welcome to our FREE Digital Capability Australian DIGITAL Capability Framework (ADCF) – Assessment Test LEVEL 2 – Free – Feedback Version. This assessment is designed to evaluate your literacy skills within the context of digital capabilities. By taking this test, you’ll gain valuable insights into your current literacy level and how it relates to digital proficiency. Along with what our vision of what Digital Literacy is all about.

Try before you buy. Click on the following link to do Level 2 of the Digital literacy test.


Let’s get started on your journey to enhancing your digital literacy! All 3 levels coming soon.

What is Australian Digital Capability Framework (ADCF) ?

The Australian Digital Capability Framework (ADCF) is a comprehensive framework developed to outline the digital skills and capabilities required for individuals to thrive in the digital age. It defines a set of competencies across various domains such as digital literacy, information literacy, digital creation, and problem-solving. The ADCF serves as a guideline for educators, employers, and individuals to assess and develop digital skills necessary for success in today’s digital-centric world.