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CPCCLSF3001 Intermediate Scaffolding – Learner Workbook



Our scaffolding workbook is designed to give you information and questions to aid your learning and understanding of the tasks and activities involved with obtaining this qualification.

The knowledge questions should assist the learners to understand the principles of completing the work safely and efficiently. This will ultimately help equip them with the necessary knowledge to pass their workplace’s specific expectations when it comes to installing scaffolding on a worksite.


  • Theory and practical training tasks
  • Evidence your students meet the requirements of the unit
  • Maps the learning and assessment tasks to the unit of competency
  • Students use this book with the Information Book


  • Plan job
  • Select and inspect equipment
  • Set up task
  • Erect scaffold and scaffold equipment
  • Dismantle scaffold and scaffold equipment

    Our learner guide includes practical scaffolding tasks to help you gain a basic understanding

    The practical tasks are designed to give you hands on practical learning. Practical tasks may require the trainer to give the student a task that is suitable to the worksite. By undergoing hands-on tasks whilst using the easy to read and detailed training resources, the individual hoping to become qualified to work with scaffolding will have a much better chance of learning the skills required.

    Utilise our guide to help achieve the required competency to work with scaffolding

    The underpinning knowledge and practical training provided in these books should prepare the learner for the day to day tasks in the workplace and provide them with the level of knowledge and skill for their competency assessment.
    You can buy the Learner Workbook on its own or as part of a Start-up pack.

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