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CPCCLHS3001 Personnel and Materials Hoist – Information Book



The Information Book has the background material to assist learners in understanding the principles of the tasks they are doing. This book will help learners gain an insight into the equipment used to complete the task safely and efficiently.


  • Covers all elements in the unit of competency
  • Helps learners prepare for their final assessment
  • Simple words and pictures make learning easy
  • Written in plain English


  • Plan work
  • Conduct routine checks
  • Conduct hoist operations
  • Shut down and secure hoist

By gathering background information for the training they are undertaking, the learner is able to more easily understand the learning material.

The Information Book provides information in a context relating to the expected outcome.

Trainers can also use the Information Book together with their experience, to present the knowledge and practical tasks in a structured and easy way to understand.

You can buy the Information Book on its own or as part of a Trainer’s Value Pack.


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