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Record of Training Logbook

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Requirements of a training record logbook
The relevant sections of the National Standard For Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work have been printed below.
6.6 A trainee must always be under the direct supervision of a person who holds a licence relating to the high risk work being supervised, unless the person who oversights the practical training judges, and can demonstrate, that:
(a) the circumstances of a particular task make this degree of supervision impractical or unnecessary; and
(b) the level of the trainee’s competency is such that direct supervision can be reduced; and
(c) a lesser degree of supervision would not place the trainee or any other person at risk.
Records of training and assessment
6.8 A trainee undertaking training in the workplace must maintain a written record of practical training that consists of the following information:
(a) the trainee’s name and address;
(b) the name of the RTO supervising the training;
(c) the dates and times on which the trainee performed the high risk work;
(d) information about the tasks performed, including the type of equipment used or operated and the outcomes achieved;
(e) a signed entry by the person who supervised each occasion of training which includes the person’s name and licence number.
6.9 The information in paragraphs 6.8 (c), (d) and (e) must be recorded at the completion of each training session.
6.10 In addition to requirement under the AQTF, an RTO must retain all records relating to the training and assessment for a period established by the licensing authority in consultation with the relevant state/territory registering body.