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The effective management of traffic is an important element of any roadside construction work. With the constant exposure of workers, regulating speed and limiting the number of cars passing at any given time will ensure a suitable level of safety at all times. To assist you or your staff to become certified to operate in this capacity, Easy Guide offers a range of training material and other resources to equip you with all the knowledge needed to use a stop-slow sign or implement a traffic management plan effectively.

Our resources help you become qualified in using a stop-slow bat to manage traffic or implement a traffic management plan

As this role involves placing yourself in a potentially hazardous environment, it’s necessary to have an understanding of what’s involved to minimise potential accidents. The person operating the bat will be responsible for maintaining an orderly flow of traffic, whilst ensuring a safe speed limit is being maintained. Failure to do so can potentially lead to a car accident or other dangerous incident.

Easy to understand training material and supporting resources

All of our learning resources are designed to be easy to read, whilst effectively covering the core areas of the course work. Easy Guide noticed a gap in the industry where training guides and other material was written in overly complicated and confusing language, making it difficult to gain any real value from them. This is why we produced our own range of training guides with a focus on making an easy to read format and detailed pictures to help explain the often confusing written instructions

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