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Forklift safety posters for your workplace
Make the right choice for your workforce. Easy Guides offers a range of simple-to-understand safety posters, providing key pieces of potentially life-saving advice in an easy to read format. Ensure your workers understand how to properly operate a forklift with these colourful, eye-catching posters.

Proper occupational health and safety practices are non-negotiable parts of any workplace, so we ensure that every organisation can access proper documentation and signage. For more than two decades, Easy Guides has been dedicated to making safety materials accessible to businesses of all sizes. Our competitively priced safety posters are the affordable way to keep your employees aware of the finer points of forklift truck operation. Take a look at our range today and find something relevant to your line of work.
Keep your workforce informed and aware
Easy Guide’s range of forklift safety posters covers a broad range of topics. From how and why to do daily pre-work checks on the vehicle to advice on how to safely drive the vehicle and lift and move a load, all parts of the vehicle’s life-cycle from operation to maintenance to refuelling and more are presented in a simple, unmistakable format. The purpose of these posters is not to teach trainees new skills, but are rather a simple way to remind them of aspects of forklift safety that can get overlooked. Constant gentle reminders can prevent dangerous behaviour and accidents. Invest in the right materials and browse the Easy Guides collection today.
Safety posters, guides and checklists for a range of commercial vehicles
Easy Guides supports trainees across the country, developing documentation for tractors, earthmoving equipment, civil construction and other industrial and agricultural vehicles.

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