Heights and Confined Spaces

Equip Yourself with Our Valuable Heights and Confined Spaces Training Materials

When it comes to working in hazardous environments its essential to have the necessary knowledge and qualifications to minimise injuries and remain calm under pressure. In such situations, when something goes wrong, being able to keep cool and resolve your predicament is key. These are just some of the theoretical scenarios which will be covered in your assessment and that you will be expected to know inside and out. Assisting you in your training is Easy Guides and our range of easy to understand and detailed training material written especially for those hoping to work at heights or in confined or enclosed spaces.

Get yourself prepared for your heights or confined spaces assessment

Combining both relevant theory questions and hands on, practical exercises, our training resources are designed to prepare you for everything you’ll be likely to face in your assessment. With pictures detailing certain sections and detailed overviews, you will be sure to gain a firm grasp on the key learning requirements.

All of our training material is detailed and easy to understand

There has long since been a gap in the market for simplified and easy to comprehend learning aids. With some guides only serving to confuse the learner more, especially those whose second language was English, we identified the need for straight forward educational material. With this in mind, we have devised our own range of training material for confined or enclosed spaces, using illustrations to emphasize certain points and enhance the learning experience.

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If you require confined spaces training, or learning material that is easy to comprehend, then you have come to the right place. For further information on our innovative resources, call us today on 1300 733 220 to speak to one of our professional staff members.

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