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Equip Yourself with Valuable Confined Space Training Materials

Confined Space Training teaches you to work in hazardous environments. It’s essential to have the necessary knowledge and qualifications to minimise injuries and remain calm under pressure.

In such situations, when something goes wrong, being able to keep cool and resolve your predicament is key.

These are just some of the theoretical scenarios which will be covered in your assessment and that you will be expected to know inside and out.

Assisting you in your training is Easy Guides. Our Confined Space Training materials are detailed, easy to understand and written especially for those hoping to work in confined or enclosed spaces.

Prepare Yourself for a Confined Space Assessment

Our Confined Spaces Training resources are designed to prepare you for everything you’ll be likely to face in your assessment.

These resources combine both relevant theory questions and hands-on, practical exercises. With pictures detailing certain sections and detailed overviews, you will be sure to gain a firm grasp on the key learning requirements.

Detailed & Easy-to-Understand Training Resources

For a long time, there has been a gap in the market for simplified and easy to understand Confined Spaces Training aids.

With some guides only serving to confuse the learner more – especially those who have English as a second language – we identified the need for straightforward educational material.

With this in mind, we have devised our own range of training material for confined or enclosed spaces, using illustrations to emphasise certain points and enhance the learning experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Confined Space Training teaches employees how to work in confined spaces and is useful for plumbers, gas fitters and other professionals. Examples of confined spaces include storage tanks, boilers and silos.

This Confined Space Training will give you the knowledge to spot safety hazards, follow safety instructions, and maintain best-practice safety procedures on the job.

The price of confined space permit training varies, but the average cost is around $250 in Australia.

For a nationally accredited confined space training course, then you need to complete a face to face program. This is where you’ll learn the skills needed to enter and work in confined spaces.

Some confined space training online courses can be completed. But most of these are refreshed courses, not the original certification, which requires you to attend and learn in person.

Confined space training doesn’t have an expiry date. But a confined space refresher online course should be completed every 1-2 years. These refresher courses help you stay up to date on current best practices and ensure you stay safe and OHS compliant.

If you are working in pipes, tunnels, sewers, tanks or any similar area, then yes you are required to take a confined space training course.

If you work in a pit or similar area then it is likely that you need to take confined space training and would certainly benefit from this knowledge and guidance.

Even if you don’t legally need to take the training, you can still benefit from this valuable safety advice.

Most confined space training takes just 2-3 hours and the course can be completed in 1 day.

It is recommended that workers take a confined space refresher online course every 12-24 months. This helps you remain compliant and refresh your knowledge, skills and best practices.

No, confined space entry training does not expire. But it is recommended you take a refresher course every year, to maintain and grow your knowledge and safety.

To remain compliant in your role and up to date with all OH&S standards of practice, it’s recommended you take charge of your own knowledge and development. Our training guides can help you develop and grow as a professional.