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Email reply received from ASQA on 22-12-2021

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Good Afternoon James and apologies for the delay in responding to your email.

ASQA does not treat online or digital delivery differently to other modes of delivery. We still look for compliance with the Standards and for alignment to the training package rules (noting that some courses are better suited than others to online delivery).

Delivering by distance should not affect the confidence of employers that VET graduates in the workplace will safely and productively apply the skills described in their qualifications.

No matter how a provider chooses to deliver to students, they are required to develop, document and implement approaches that ensure students gain all relevant skills and knowledge. This requirement includes providing access to suitable resources, facilities and trainers.

Central to any delivery method is the requirement to ensure that the integrity of the specific training package or VET accredited course requirements will be maintained. Training packages and VET accredited courses are developed to meet the training needs of specific industries and sectors. They are also regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they remain current and relevant.

Some VET courses cannot be provided easily via distance delivery. In particular, the assessment requirements of a unit of competency may identify specific environments or equipment that a remote student cannot readily access.

In deciding to deliver by distance, providers may determine that they need to implement a variety of delivery methods and technologies to provide a VET course. Provider would need to ensure their documented training and assessment strategies clearly express how each part of the course will be provided so that all workplace skills and knowledge requirements are addressed.

Some VET courses are also subject to additional regulatory requirements required by a licensing body. Although ASQA does not regulate these additional requirements, if an RTO is promoting to learners that they will be entitled to a particular license (such as a White Card or registration as an Enrolled Nurse) from an industry regulator, the RTO must comply with the additional requirements imposed by that industry regulator.

Providers delivering a VET course that has an additional licensed outcome must confirm with the applicable industry regulator that distance delivery is suitable.

They must also check the terms of any contract arrangements with state and territory funding bodies that the RTO might have to ensure these agreements allow for distance delivery.

For further information please refer to Distance learning.


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