Christmas hamper

Christmas hamper special offer

Get ready for 2018 with this special offer. Easy Guides have packaged together the following items into a virtual Christmas hamper:

  • 1 x Start-up Pack of your choice
  • 11 x A5 books of your choice
  • 1 x Hi-vis vest (trainer or assessor)
  • Customised covers on your books (greyscale only)

We are offering all of this at the low price of $715. This equates to a saving of $498.95. Offer ends 15th December 2017. Phone orders only.


Item Regular price Special price Total saving
Any 11 learner guides (A-5 books) $26 each ($286) $20.00 each ($220) $66
Any Start-up Pack $695 each $495 each $200
Trainer or Assessor Hi-Vis vests $34.95 each FREE $34.95
Customised cover on your books (greyscale books) $198 FREE $198
TOTAL $1213.95 TOTAL $715.00 TOTAL $498.95