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Easy Guides Learning Resources
White Card Training Materials
Daily Inspection Checklists
Earthmoving Training Materials
Earthmoving Training Materials
Earthmoving Training Materials
RII - EWP and Scissor Lift
Forklift Licence AU iOS App

Picture based safety and licence training materials for high risk and industrial licences.

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Monday, Feb 2, 2015


Safety a priority in 2015

The scary facts about work safety. We lost 23 people in Victoria last year due to poor safety and training not being up to date.

Excavator hitting powerlines

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Forklift Licence AU

This app provides a quick and easy way to prepare for your Australian forklift truck licence with practice questions and answers. Try out the 'LITE' version for FREE!!

Forklift Licence AU appForklift Licence AU lite app

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